Flying Tools (Files)

Welcome to the Cessna 172 Forum’s aviation files. These files are donated by club members in the hope that they may enhance the education, science, and safety of flying. Some files may just be entertaining. At any rate, all files relate to aviation.

All members are encouraged to submit their favorite ‘Flying Tools’ to California Flyer so that she may add them to our club’s web site. Please follow the examples below in submitting your contributions so that she can add your description and a link to our server on which she will host your file.

Tool Date Author Link Description
Flying Calc.xls 27 June 11 Jim Williams (UPDATED) A MS Excel multi-page spreadsheet. Computes many aviation functions - Flight Planning, E6B, aircraft performance, weight & balance, and others. Zip file includes both spreadsheet and manual.
Sun & Moon.xls 3 Feb 11 Jim Williams A MS Excel spreadsheet that computes sun rise, sun set, moon rise, moon set, and moon quarters given location and date. Great for night flying! Zip file includes both spreadsheet and manual.
The Four Forces of Flight 3 Feb 11 Author Unknown ForcesOfFlight.jpg Cartoon
FAA Flight Plan 3 Mar 11 Jim Williams FAAFlightPlan.xls A handy MS Excel form used for filling flight plans with FSS. Also includes space for weather briefing notes and ATIS, ASOS, or AWOS reports. Replace sample information with your own.
VFR Flight Plan 2 Mar 11 Jim Williams A MS Excel spreadsheet form for showing all required information for multi legs cross country flying. Includes both navigation information and airports information. Zip file includes two spreadsheets (blank form and an example) and manual.