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Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: 1967 C172G Loose Oil Access Door Thumbscrews by mx757 @ Yesterday at 10:24 PM

this is kit you want for battery door $29.00
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Flying bucket list trip by Mac @ Yesterday at 07:18 PM

Thanks to both
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: 172D Dihedral by BHarbour @ Yesterday at 04:24 PM

I found this It list dihedral as 1deg 44min which is 1.7333 degrees.
Jump to new posts Re: Yoke option for GFC500 by BryanAv8R @ Yesterday at 03:15 PM

Originally Posted By: GregTI swapped out the original yokes in my 172N for two current 172SP yokes, which have the trim switches, mic button and AP disconnect. Pretty nice but $$$$$$ Did the same...local field had a bunch of parts off wrecked airp
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Takeoff Distance by Dave W @ Yesterday at 02:50 PM

You didn't say what technique are you using on the pavement? If you are doing a "Soft Field Takeoff" with the nose really high then the take-off run will be longer even though you lift off at a slower speed. The STOL guys on grass don't do
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Friday October 15th by rkittine @ Yesterday at 12:32 PM

The weather is great again today. Did some personal flying yesterday, over to Brookhaven for breakfast and then back. Today I have a Viking Repair person (PC) to fix my wine frig, (I hope) and than maybe some more. Bob
Jump to new posts Re: Lightspeed for the win today by Viper_96 @ Yesterday at 11:44 AM

EP, I have had nothing but good things to say about Lightspeed as a company. I have 8x headsets of theirs and ZERO complaints as to the quality of the product and customer service regarding any issues. Glad your experience was a good one, always
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Oil quick drain by Joeman434 @ Yesterday at 11:43 AM

Originally Posted By: magmanAnyone else safety the clips with wire or ty-rap? I've done that for years....
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Control Yoke Bushing by propizza @ Yesterday at 01:32 AM

Originally Posted By: chuckphx2Thanks for all the help, I have ordered from Airpower and they are in stock there and the price is 25 dollars a half. A little pricey but will be happy to get them installed. Your welcome
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Weight and Balance by Folsom Falls C-175 @ 10/14/21 10:30 PM

Yes, battery is already in the back...thinking of putting in a larger/longer battery...anyone have any ideas on battery boxes and batteries that I could use?
Mods & STCs
Jump to new posts Re: Apply STC to Reims Build 172 by Valentino @ 10/14/21 10:23 PM

Nope,my question is for FAA STC. Is there something in FAA similar to EASA process? V.
Cessna 172 Club Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: For sale 172K wheel pants. by kevin m @ 10/14/21 06:57 PM

I'm interested in the pants if you still have them? I'm located at KPUB. I just sold a full set of 152 pants that I had gotten in error for $100 which was the same a I had bought them for. Would you take a $100 for them?
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Fuel Tank Woes... by Challenger1 @ 10/14/21 03:29 PM

Originally Posted By: BHarbourI...gently...used an impact screwdriver to remove the toughest screws. But most of the screws came out easily enough as the panel had obviously been removed in the near past and the tank had been repaired in situ with J
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Fuel dipstick measurements by BHarbour @ 10/14/21 02:00 PM

I'm replacing my right fuel tank and I'll try and do measurements off of the old tank. Originally Posted By: SCArcherPilotyeah, I would agree at 93%....i can accept that margin of error, although if you are making your own with a paint stick or some
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Thursday October 14th by rkittine @ 10/14/21 12:37 PM

But, looking on the bright side (Pun intended) you have lots more Night Flying possibilities without staying up to late or getting up to early in the morning.
Tips & Tricks
Jump to new posts Re: Aircraft Interior Upholstery by skyhawk3 @ 10/14/21 03:08 AM

Thanks! It practically is!
172 Buying 101
Jump to new posts AP for pre buy central Kansas by Chessie Mom @ 10/13/21 09:27 PM

Anyone have any great and detailed orientated APs for a pre buy they can point me to? Thanks all.
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: OK this is NOT NYC... by rkittine @ 10/13/21 06:38 PM

That might be it. It was quite a while ago since I was there, but there was at least 4 or 5 Cessna 150s sitting in the weeds. Bob
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Anyone need new panel overlays? by BryanAv8R @ 10/13/21 05:58 PM

Lyle did my 172K panels when I went for a full avionics/autopilot install just recently. Excellent work...and very pleased with both his responsiveness and quality.
Jump to new posts Re: age by Ernani @ 10/13/21 05:49 PM

Bryan I am 72 and just had a knee replacement surgery. 15 days with no flying. I will despite of all things, take my beautiful 172L for a flight, regardless of doctors advice
Courtesy Cars Captured!
Jump to new posts Re: Cambridge, MD by LWGII @ 10/13/21 05:29 PM

That limo, which I have ridden in, was formerly owned by Jack Kent Cook, hence the colors. I don't see it around any more, but Cambridge does have a retired Crown Vic. It looks enough like a police car that people get out of your way when you're
Cessna 172 Club Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: WTB mounting trays for Narko MK12 nav coms by BryanAv8R @ 10/13/21 02:41 PM

what version? I have 2 for the mark 12D
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Landing light rotating by itself by Challenger1 @ 10/13/21 01:14 PM

When I installed my LED landing lights the original bulbs had those orange rubber gaskets installed with the bulbs. The new LED bulbs came with a black rubber grommet which was too thick to use on my cessna. So I reused the orange rubber gaskets wit
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Wednesday October 13th by Joeman434 @ 10/13/21 12:16 PM

Good morning all.....still dark here. Yesterday was a bust. Went to open the hangar door and heard a "clunk" sound. upon further inspection revealed the door installers left out 6 of 8 bolts in the brace between the building frame and the d
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Tuesday October 12th by Joeman434 @ 10/13/21 11:32 AM

I usually land at N51 or N85. I had been based out out N85 for many years before I moved the Florida. N51 is a stone throw from where my shop was in NJ. I went to school with the sisters that co-own N51.
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