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Favorite Airports and FBO's
Jump to new posts Re: I need missons by frfly172 @ 2 minutes 42 seconds ago

Good going,keep it up.i keep a binder with all the airports I have landed at.Did the sectional on the wall till I moved to a condo.its always nice meeting new people on your travels.
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Induction leak by Challenger1 @ 28 minutes 21 seconds ago

Welcome and good to see you posting. Has anyone checked the propeller mounting bolts torque lately? Spinner and bulk heads good with no cracks?
Cessna 172 Club Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: WTB MC0750113-1Cessna Airbox BEARING by Chikinhed @ Today at 02:38 PM

I believe the bearing p/n is a Torrington B55 that you can press out of and into the housing once it has been drilled off of your airbox.
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Monday March 8th by CD. @ Today at 09:14 AM

We flew to see my son and his wife this weekend. 9500ft going, 8500ft coming back. Actually had tailwinds both ways. (What are the odds?) With up to 40mph tail winds coming back! Very turbulent below 8000ft yesterday, but luckily it went to glass at
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Mogas problems by rick c @ Today at 08:47 AM

Originally Posted By: BugsMakes me think about something that happened to me. For a couple of flights I had an occasional RPM drop and recovery, and then a partial engine failure after takeoff. Ended up being a carb problem. One of the throttle s
New Member Introductions
Jump to new posts Re: New Member Introductions - 2021 by Viper_96 @ Today at 07:38 AM

Paul, welcome to the club. Have fun getting your Instrument Rating and good luck with the panel upgrade, lots to choose from these days.
Tips & Tricks
Jump to new posts Re: Need source for lower fuse panel by cadcap @ Yesterday at 10:12 PM

Try Preferred Airparts LLC in Ohio or Wentworth Aircraft (Parts) or (?) in Crystal, MN of the largest salvors in the U.S. Mine was in horrible shape too... put it back together with plastifix and refinished in satin black using SEM vinyl plas
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Sunday March 7th by cadcap @ Yesterday at 05:54 PM

Good afternoon! Took the plane out for a ride and brought along a recent 152 owner...he said he'd never flown a 172/180 hp and is now spoiled but really enjoyed the climb rate! We got some cheap ($ 3.62) avgas and put about 1.6 hrs. on the clock.
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Feeling over My head - need new engine by 4nursebee @ Yesterday at 12:53 PM

OK, my update. Phew!!! I was talking to another mechanic about which route to take with the engine. Without looking at the plane he thought it would be safe to fly home for him to look at, he suspected the oil was an evolving nose or crankcase sea
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Taxiway Junk into Hangar Treasure by Viper_96 @ Yesterday at 07:43 AM

Nice work, those look great!
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Saturday March 6th by cadcap @ 03/06/21 07:51 PM

It was another sun soaked beauty but no time to fly...spring cleaning my garage and detailing my BMW R1200S and putting her up for sale within the next few weeks... Hate to sell her but too many bikes in the stable and maybe this one is a bit too
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Aluminum fuel tank repair by skyhawk3 @ 03/06/21 07:16 PM

Anybody that does aviation welding can do it.
Stories and Adventures
Jump to new posts Re: 100$ Hamburger Run by Viper_96 @ 03/06/21 09:38 AM

Beautiful picture with amazing colors, thank you for sharing it with us cadcap!
Stories and Adventures
Jump to new posts Re: Climb to 17K by SeaProbe @ 03/06/21 09:24 AM

Living in the mountainous West, yes portable oxygen and pulse-ox are both useful and I own both. The pulse-ox lives in my flight bag. Longer flights at 8-9K is enough for my son to fall asleep in cruise, at least when the air is smooth. We overflew
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: F & M Oil Filter Adapter on N6863A by Showboatsix @ 03/06/21 08:47 AM

As a follow up with my Tempest oil filter adapter issue, I sent a full detailed email to Tempest, over a month ago, zip nadda nothing from them, not a “gee sorry, or a omg, what can we do to help you, not even a courtesy response. I have switched ba
Jump to new posts Re: 4 Audio Ports Worth it? by cadcap @ 03/06/21 07:48 AM

Depending on where and how they are gonna mount the "ports" it's not that big of a job...we mounted mine just under the rear armrests in a mounting "cup". The receptacles came with a Sigtronics intercom kit so it was maybe 4 hrs.
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Friday March 5th by N5479R @ 03/05/21 04:44 PM

Ran up to Williston (X60) today. Shot a practice landing then returned. Found smooth air at 5,500 ft dodging the smoke plumes from fires around the state. Enjoyed the cool cabin temperatures at altitude. Crummy weather is forecast for tomorrow. May
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: GFC500 Roll Issue by Challenger1 @ 03/05/21 03:04 PM

Thanks I did look there for it and didn’t see it. Saw a bunch of settings but not that. I just flew a cross country flight in pretty good turbulence all on AP did not notice any twitching of the yokes. I have close to 600 hours on my AP.
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion Update: This is now FAA approved
Mods & STCs
Jump to new posts Re: STC third seat belt by MPDAR @ 03/05/21 01:03 PM
Cessna 172 Club Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: STC for Third Seatbelt for 172 aft seat by MPDAR @ 03/05/21 01:00 PM
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Mogas Ethanol Removal by Joeman434 @ 03/05/21 09:14 AM

One thing for sure....the more times fuel is handled, the bigger chance of contamination.
Mods & STCs
Jump to new posts Re: Auto Gas STC by rkittine @ 03/05/21 06:51 AM

I usually do just that if I am not familiar with the airplane. I am close friends with the owner of the airport where the plane has been based for a decade and the owner is an A&P that has done all the annuals on the plane, so he is someone that
172 Buying 101
Jump to new posts Re: Vintage flight school airplanes by rkittine @ 03/05/21 06:47 AM

Hey Joe, nice to hear that you flew my old bird. They must have done a "Sand and Paint" as the paint scheme is still the same as are the colors. It does look nice on the outside. One of these days I will get down there and fly it again. B
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Overhaul or Bust! by Challenger1 @ 03/05/21 05:53 AM

My old flight school runs their io-360 motors to 3000 hours before overhaul. I also noticed they run the mags to 1000 hours before overhaul. Another flight school owner told me wants to run his 320 motors to 2400 hours before overhaul. Both of the
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