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Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Fuel Selector Valve and Strainer Drain Repairs by DeputydogK9 @ Today at 09:44 PM

Yep, mine has done it several times after fuel line work (repair fuel selector, change gascolator or remove bowl to clean, install fuel flow transducer) and always in climb. Mine was usually in the first hour or so.
Favorite Airports and FBO's
Jump to new posts Re: SOCAL Airports by Bigdoggh @ Today at 09:19 PM

Originally Posted By: N5479RSanta Paula. (KSZP) Thinkin about it....
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Reiff engine heater by Chorse @ Today at 07:07 PM

I have the Reiff turbo installed on my engine and the sump pads heat up instantly... My advice would be to remove the cowl, plug in the heater, and quickly touch the heating elements.. If it's fried, I'm sure Reiff will replace it..
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Time for new cylinders by Flubber4.0 @ Today at 04:31 PM

Good point to let the AI check new cyls carefully! My no. 2 is causing frequent sub confidence since mounted at OH 300h ago and I am almost at throwing it to the bin.
Tech Questions
Cheaper if you just buy the fuel resistant o rings from Spruce for a couple of dollars. That should be all you need. If you need more, then order the kit from McFarlane.
Weekly Poll Question
Jump to new posts Re: How much do you pay for a hangar? by michaelj @ Today at 01:29 PM

Wow, I am in Eastern NC at JNX in a pretty nice airport owned hangar at $350/month. I have one (1) electrical outlet. I also own a hangar at the same airport. Its an old T hangar w asphalt floor w electrical capability but it isn't hooked up. I rent
Weekly Poll Question
Jump to new posts Re: Manual E6-B Flight Computer - Do you use one? by Challenger1 @ Today at 12:36 PM

I got mine 4 years ago when I earned my PPL. I used it at first to flight plan. Then I got foreflight and have not used it since. I have been instrument training for 2 years now and was talking to other instrument students who said it was not accu
Jump to new posts Transmit Relay by Gooneybird @ Today at 08:42 AM

There is a relay behind the instrument panel which energizes when the PTT switch is pressed. I'm assuming it applies the ground to key the transmitter. It is a 1964 172E and probably original equipment. The relay is an ITT 4-BR which checks good a
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Time for a new starter... by Challenger1 @ Today at 08:38 AM

I went with a new sky tec starter, new starter relay and had to buy a new battery too. Wow was it a expensive week. I have never seen such a pretty starter, looks like it should be on a show plane. I wonder how much that polish cost me?
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Wednesday November 20th by Challenger1 @ Today at 07:39 AM

44°F here going to 46° later today with clouds and light rain. Going to be cloudy and rainy until Saturday here. Plenty of deer around here, recently we had a group of 5-6 bucks in our backyard eating from our fruit trees. Last month I was cutting g
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Tuesday November 19th by Viper_96 @ Today at 06:47 AM

Wet and rainy during the evening hours in Las Vegas. Here's hoping I can fly Wednesday evening. Have a good one all!
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: alternator or regulator by Enlisted Pilot @ Today at 05:25 AM

Originally Posted By: Challenger1Awesome! Thanks for the follow up, always nice to hear the ultimate solution. And always nice to hear about a good AP/IA mechanic. You should out his name and where he works. Name is Bob Norman and he is located @ 4
Jump to new posts Re: Aircraft Hangar Bifold Door Maintenance Information by Showboatsix @ Yesterday at 05:25 PM

Smaller sprocket on the gearbox output.
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: An addition to my hangar by Dan A @ Yesterday at 09:24 AM

Very nice! I would love to have an RV for long distance trips and maybe even a loop and roll. My 172 for flights as you just described. Living the dream for sure!
Jump to new posts Re: TruTrak Auto-pilot revisions by DillyB @ Yesterday at 07:59 AM

Thanks everyone, I have a friend who installed the GTN-375 with TT in his experimental and said they work well together. Have no reason to believe it shouldn't work with a certified aircraft as well, even though not officially approved yet. My avioni
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Monday November 18th by Viper_96 @ Yesterday at 02:24 AM

CF, Looks like we'll both be giving up our beautiful weather we've had for the last several weeks. I'm supposed to fly Wednesday, however, I believe the WX may get a vote on that. Freezing levels beginning at 7K' with precipitation up to the 20's
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts replace 6.00-6 nose tire with 7.00-6? by BLG2879 @ 11/18/19 11:10 PM

Does anyone know if a 7.00-6 tire would fit on nose fork currently with 6.00-6? Looks like maybe at least couple inches to spare height-wise, not sure of width of 7.00. Would the 7.00-6 fit onto the 6.00-6"s wheel? Thanks.
Stories and Adventures
Jump to new posts Re: A tale of two winds by Dave W @ 11/18/19 10:36 AM

Cool adventure up our way. Our daughter took her private pilot Checkride at Shannon Airport. On the hypothetical night landing, wouldn’t you be able to taxi for 3 minutes and then round up? It’s all flight time until you stop moving.
C172 Photo Gallery
Jump to new posts Re: Air to air photography - Sedona AZ by Pilawt @ 11/18/19 08:53 AM

Here are some more from the photo shoot last week.
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Sunday November 18th by Viper_96 @ 11/18/19 12:30 AM

Good Sunday evening everyone, 59F after 80s today. Slow day at the house trying to get our puppies outdoor accommodations situated before the cold sets in again. Rusty- 20 degrees seems quite cold! CF - We did see Vicky out there on Friday and s
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: I have a seat belt question please. by skyhawk3 @ 11/17/19 11:08 PM

You heated the post. It probably expanded just enough that you couldn't get it that last 1/2 inch!
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: 172G Camloc Cowling Conversion by mx757 @ 11/17/19 07:05 PM

skybolt fasteners makes them. for the 1956 to 1966 172 cowls use this kit. replace the screws woth quarter turn camlocks. these are parts in the kit.
Stories and Adventures
Jump to new posts Re: Indiana ski resort picture! by Jason Hughes @ 11/17/19 05:17 AM

Nice! I don't think Paoli was ready for the early cold, the job fair isn't until Nov 19th so they don't have all the workers yet. I'm not sure what the earliest Paoli has opened, but I don't think it was ever in November. I could very well be wron
Piloting & Flying Techniques
Jump to new posts Re: Where would you land? by Bugs @ 11/16/19 08:08 PM

There are valleys in the mountains I often fly over that have a somewhat flat bottom. At first thought (which is all you’d get in that situation) is to turn down the nearest valley at reduced power and attempt a forced landing along the valley botto
The Travel Bug
Jump to new posts Re: Cessna Travel Bug Location by Joeman434 @ 11/16/19 06:41 PM

I've been wondering that myself.....
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