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Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Topcoat Volume for a Cessna 172 by magman @ 34 minutes 57 seconds ago

Ooops! Didn't answer question. I think I used 3 mixed gallons of poly with a Suction Gun. for 182. You WILL want to "box" ( mix together ) all paint so that all cans are actually the same color.
Cessna 172 Club Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: Cessna Yoke Grommets 2 complete sets by propizza @ Today at 12:11 PM

Sold pending payment
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Pulling My Engine Almost Got Very Expensive!!! by Challenger1 @ Today at 10:53 AM

I homemade this 30+ years ago with a torch and a buzz box. It has lifted countless motors over the years.
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Sunday January 19th by Joeman434 @ Today at 06:29 AM

Good morning...64 up to 71.... Cooling down in the next few days....we need it. Resurrected an old Mack truck yesterday.....probably put the finishing touches on it today...
Jump to new posts Re: Continue the story by 5 words by Joeman434 @ Today at 03:16 AM

they would scratch it anyway
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: RAM STC for my 1964 172F / Lycoming O320-E2D by Underdog @ Yesterday at 07:52 PM

I flew with a student in a Franklin powered 172 a few years ago, performance was pretty phenomenal. It felt like we were airborne in about a hundred feet. Was to nose heavy to stall properly though. Just sort of mushed. Also, heavy to flare. Pre
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Surprises That I Find As I Restore My Airplane by Underdog @ Yesterday at 07:45 PM

Thanks! Overall she is a fairly clean bird with a few warts here and there. My intention is to take an older airplane (read as cheaper), and turn it into one that is really nice and cheap to operate as well as very safe, and be able to keep it into
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Saturday January 18th by N5479R @ Yesterday at 07:12 PM

The Grandkids came over today. Sometimes those little girls just give you a hug that is nothing less than genuine love. Made me feel good all over,
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Spin Video by Gooneybird @ Yesterday at 07:10 PM

More spins today, after a week it's almost like starting over. He'll catch on soon. Flew to Benson, AZ E95 for breakfast and no better way to lose altitude than going round and round. Interesting; he brought up the Air Force Academy, Navy Academy
Detailing and Cleaning
Jump to new posts Re: Which Aircraft Cover? by Bacho @ Yesterday at 01:22 PM

My wife gave me a cover like challengers for Christmas. I have a plane that lives on a tie down. I am thinking I want to return it for one that goes over the wings. It seems to me it would be easier to install without letting it touch the ground as
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: grommet installation by propizza @ Yesterday at 06:54 AM

I have a couple of complete set if you them to fix a sloppy yoke!
The Travel Bug
Jump to new posts Re: Cessna Travel Bug Location by Joeman434 @ Yesterday at 06:40 AM

Where is the bug now? Or has it been forgotten?
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Friday January 17th by N5479R @ 01/17/20 07:04 PM

Some Winter is heading our way? What a unique and novel experience this will be!
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Where to buy cylinders? by cadcap @ 01/17/20 06:46 PM

Relax, be aware and ENJOY the ride!!
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Wednesday January 15th by Rusty Rudder @ 01/17/20 01:23 AM

Originally Posted By: Viper_96Originally Posted By: Rusty Rudder Off to the house of pain today. My front row implant crown, where I was shot, has fallen out and needs to be glued back in. Had the darndest time with this one. Ouch Rusty... hope
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Thursday January 16th by N5479R @ 01/16/20 11:13 PM

Got up for an hour and ten minute flight today. Did a practice RNAV approach into Inverness. The MDA is 500 feet but, interestingly, the needles were accurate to much lower than that.
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
We have three steps here. Local, where any neighbors can object for good reason. If that passes then we have to file with the DOT. The DOT approval leads into step three.....the FAA. You fill out a form that goes to GCR which handles the information
Jump to new posts Re: FAA HIMS Program Experience by C420sailor @ 01/15/20 01:05 PM

Spoke with my AME. The six year monitoring period is the new norm, and actually came down from DOT.
Jump to new posts Re: TruTrak Auto-pilot revisions by DillyB @ 01/15/20 09:19 AM

Hello Millardair, did you get field approval for that combination? I am currently waiting for the FAA to give me form 337. Thanks.
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Tuesday January 14th by Viper_96 @ 01/14/20 10:47 PM

Good Tuesday evening everyone 48F headed into the 30s tonight. Kind of a slow day at work, but busy at home. Wife is still sick, I'm just hoping I don't get what she has. Hope you all have a great evening and rest of your week!
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: ADS-B cert flight by brucesheri @ 01/14/20 01:07 AM

I thought I failed because there was no record of my flight until I noticed that the time is Zulu or GMT and a different day because I'm +10 hours
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: $100 off on a GoPro Hero 8 Black by Henry M. @ 01/13/20 09:37 PM

The coupon has been spoken for.
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Monday January 13th by Jon H @ 01/13/20 06:52 PM

happy Monday afternoon, temp started out at 37 and made it to 65 F today and only light winds to 10 mph today. nice day to fly however I had to work oh well... will get to fly on Wednesday. viper, that baron must be nice and fast, probably passes
Stories and Adventures
Jump to new posts Re: Granddaughter's first GA flight by Viper_96 @ 01/13/20 12:00 PM

Jeff... very cool! It looks like she really enjoyed it. I bet she'll be sitting in the right seat in the "not-too-distant" future? Seriously, very cool that you're able to share that with your Grandkids!
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Champion 40E or REM37BY In O-300? by propizza @ 01/13/20 04:34 AM

I would like to use the Swift 94, but at $1.2 more per gallon I will use the 100ll
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