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Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Friday May 25th by Viper_96 @ Today at 08:09 PM

Good evening everyone, beautiful day today with a high of 91F and light winds. Got to spend a lazy day with the family and now sitting outside with a beverage watching the kids play. Hope you all are having a great weekend!
Jump to new posts Re: Grounded again by N5479R @ Today at 06:31 PM

The FAA Medical folks received the requested reports and test results on the morning of May 23, 2018. Now I sit and wait and wait and wait.
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Thursday May 24 by N5479R @ Today at 06:29 PM

I was being facetious.
Jump to new posts Re: Replacement transponder by markv @ Today at 02:46 PM

If you are going to completely replace the Narco tray with something else, may as well go with all-in-one Mode C/ADS-B Out like Stratus ESG. If you can find a low-cost used GTX-327, it's a good transponder, AND if installation cost is not an issue, g
Mods & STCs
Jump to new posts Re: Brake Covers by C420sailor @ Today at 01:04 PM

I go light on the brakes to avoid flat spotting. Heat/wear doesn't even enter my mind in this airplane. Changing linings is a cakewalk, and the airplane just doesn't have enough kinetic energy during landing rollout/aborted takeoff to generate suffic
Mods & STCs
Jump to new posts Re: Strobe lights by Robert114 @ Today at 11:34 AM

No RF interference on the radios or nav equipment.
Mods & STCs
Anybody out there got a 337 handy that lists the weight savings between the old generator (mine is 20 amp) and an alternator. Also looking for the same for the original starter vs light weight starter for O-300. I don't need anything exact or a cop
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: How much would you pay to rent a C172N per hour? by C420sailor @ Today at 08:33 AM

That's about what I burn. 1 quart every 10hrs.
Mods & STCs
Jump to new posts Re: LED Landing light part 2 by Kejidog @ Today at 07:13 AM

I just happened to see on a Canadian buy and sell someone selling a led landing light par 46. As per buy and sell asking price is usually higher than purchase cost Located in Ontario.
Tips & Tricks
Jump to new posts Re: Changing light bulbs in the map light by Challenger1 @ Today at 06:39 AM

Last night I finally was able to get the LED bulbs installed. It was not easy as I tried several nights in row with no luck. It is very tight inside that light and the light sockets on the LED bulbs are very soft. They dented very easy which made it
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Question about engine RPMs during takeoff. by Wayne R @ Today at 04:28 AM

My 172N has a O320-D2J conversion by PennYan. It gets 2475 (+/-) on initial climb.
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Ask Captain Scott by Flyboy712 @ Yesterday at 08:32 PM

As far as instructing? I believe he is. He is on another forum/Facebook group I am part of and he's a regular on there. Is there something in particular that you are looking for?
New Member Introductions
Jump to new posts Re: New Member Introductions 2018 by Peedie Montgomery @ Yesterday at 05:29 PM

Welcome to all the new members
Mods & STCs
Jump to new posts Re: Constant Speed Prop for lyc O-360-A1A/ AirPlanes by Blue sky @ Yesterday at 02:04 PM

Just left a message to call me back. Fingers crossed!,,,,
New to Flying
Jump to new posts Re: Let a Friend Flight Train in my Plane? by Challenger1 @ Yesterday at 11:03 AM

I rent planes...the one school wants at least 50K hull coverage because they said a prop strike cost about 50K. I fly/rent a friends plane since he lost his medical. So far so good for both of us.
Cessna 172 Club Classifieds
Jump to new posts Re: WTS Narco AT 155 by Dsc45shooter @ Yesterday at 10:09 AM

Tips & Tricks
Jump to new posts Re: Prop Balancing by Robert114 @ Yesterday at 08:26 AM

I recently had my prop dynamically balance and it made a huge difference in decreasing vibration. A&P charged a flat rate of $250.
Tech Questions
Hope this helps.
Tech Questions
Jump to new posts Re: Recommended cowl baffle material for a 172F by Hawk25U @ 05/23/18 06:50 PM

Oops, I put in websites for cowl chafing. Sorry
Piloting & Flying Techniques
Jump to new posts Re: Backups and Redundancies by Curious1 @ 05/23/18 04:57 PM

This article by Luca Benicini-Tibo on back up nav stuff is pretty good. I recall flying near some complex airspace (TFRs, lots of fire retardant tankers in/out bound, etc.) when the guy next to me who was directing the show had his iPad shut down.
Flying & C172 Club General Discussion
Jump to new posts Re: Flight Service 1800wxbrief by Curious1 @ 05/23/18 04:48 PM

Originally Posted By: Henry M.Well Foreflight weather is free too. I pay for their moving maps! Actually BOTH map$ and weather data are paid by "OPM"... Other People'$ Money. If Foreflight was paying the full freight for the data (and ch
Your Daily Cup of Joe
Jump to new posts Re: Wednesday May 23 by Wayne R @ 05/23/18 04:38 PM

Thanks ytodd. The shotgun worked. Maybe some hunting with it this year. I got the construction trailer wired in today, but I didn't get much else done. Beautiful day. I'm just going to enjoy the rest of it from the deck.
Jump to new posts Re: WeatherSpork by C420sailor @ 05/23/18 01:22 PM

I've heard good things. But I'm cheap.
Jump to new posts Re: Oshkosh 2018 by CD. @ 05/23/18 12:27 PM

I agree, I've seen the Wednesday night show and it is pretty spectacular. Maybe I can work it out...
Cessna 172 Club Classifieds
Jump to new posts NIB King KY-97A Transceiver COM Radio by Hoenshell @ 05/23/18 09:51 AM

This is an unused, new in box, BendixKing KY 97A that operates on 760 frequencies from 118.00 MHz to 136.975 MHz. You can switch between active and standby frequencies. Simply tune the desired frequency into the standby window ("STBY") whil
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